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industrial electrical oil gas coal fuel oil fired boilers

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  • Port: Shanghai
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 10 Set/Sets per Month
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oil fired boiler.
Fluid circulaiton system.
350 celsius degree.
Complete structure.
Coal,gas,oil fired.

oil fired boiler

Introduction of organic heat transfer media heating boiler


Flame and high temperature smoke produced by complete burning of fuel (coal, oil, gas, etc.) exchange heat with organic heat transfer media in the pipe by radiative transfer and convection transfer, at the same time, the organic heat transfer media is circulating in the system pushed by the pump. And then the using-heat equipment takes heat from the media, which goes back to the boiler after heat exchange. So it is an organic heat circulation system.

Process feature: low pressure and high temperature

Product feature:

1. High temperature in a low pressure

2. Stable heat system

3. Easily temperature control.

3. High heat efficient

4. Excellent operation control system

5. Safe monitor device

6. Less water, electricity, production cost

Technique data

Rated thermal power is 0.12Mw (10×104kcal/h) to 14Mw (1200×104kcal/h).

Design pressure is equal to or greater than 1 Mpa.

Operating temperature is equal to or less than 350°C.

Thermal efficiency is between 60% and 85% according to the difference of boiler type.


Coal, water gas, city gas, mixed gas, light oil, heavy oil, residual oil, mixed oil, coal dust, coal water slurry, saw dust, bagasse, straw, waste oil and waste liquid.

Burning system


Fixed grate combustion, hydraulic jacking system, spiral jacking system, reciprocal grate system, travelling grate system.


Mechanical atomization system, rotary cup atomization system, set cup atomization system, steam atomization system, air atomization system.


Fuel gas filter, pressure switch, Gas pressure regulator, leak detection pump, solenoid valve.

Application of thermal oil industrial heating boiler:

Chemical: polymerization, condensation, distillation, concentration, evaporation, fusion

Fat: decomposition, deodorization, distillation of aliphatic acid, heating, hydrogenation,


Petrochemical: rectification, heating, thermal insulation

Plastic&Rubber: hot-press, calender, extrusion, vulcanization molding, artical leather


Textile staining: heat setting, dry, curing

Fiber: polymerization, fusion, mould pressing, thermosetting, extension, dry

Carbon: bitumen fusion, dripping, mixing,molding

Wood: veneer, MDPE,HDPE,lamination flooring,birch hot-pressing, drying

Metal: pickling, electroplate, coating, oil bath, heat-treatmen

Coating: basting and drying, vehicle, plane, hot forming, hyperthermia bonding, drying

Construction: highway hitumen, dissolving, thermal insulation

Cement: fuel heating

Electric: resin impregnation, melting&holding

Air-condition: radiant heating

Others: different application of high temperature heat source below 350°C.






















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