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Heat Energy Centre

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  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 5 Set/Sets per Month
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Heat Energy Center
Utilize energy source efficiently.
Low heat energy loss.

Details of the Heat Energy Center


Heat Energy Centre


It mainly consists of the front fuel adding equipment, the waste material, wood powder, waste oil and gas burning system, the heat transfer fluid heating system, the hot smoke and gas recycle system, the steam producing equipment and the control system.


Dry and wet waste material mixed with bark fiber is taken to front fuel storehouseby the scraping board, then pushed into the combustion chamber.


Fuel transport blast air consists of fresh air and hot waste smoke and gas, hot waste smoke and gas is imported from the top of the combustion chamber to prevent the over hot.


Powder scraped from man-made fiber board spurts from the nozzle into the incinerator to increase and stabilize the temperature of hot smoke and gas, and produce stable high temperature smoke and gas. The high smoke and gas could produce high temperature heat transfer fluid by heat exchange and exchange heat with the steam furnace to produce steam, and it could be used by drier after dust elimination and temperature adjustment.


It could exchange heat with the furnace totally, part of the high temperature heat transfer fluid could produce steam and the other part of it could produce hot air.Heat also could be gained from the smoke and gas directly by the heat exchanger, the remaining smoke and gas is exhausted after dust elimination(the fuel doesn't contain coal, so the temperature of the smoke and gas is lower). Incinerator could utilize energy source efficiently,especially could use waste materials of the factory, besides that, its heat energy loss is low.


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